The page provides Catholics with various resources to gain a greater understanding of their Faith. The Catholic Faith is a great gift given to us by Almighty God to understand truths which the human intellect cannot grasp by its natural power. 

Sensus Traditionis 

This website is dedicated to the defense of the orthodox Catholic faith as well as a promotion of serious academic thought in the areas of Catholic theology and philosophy. One of the tragedies of modern Catholic thought is that it lacks the depth given by previous generations of the same issues. It is for this reason that this website was started, i.e. to aid the Church in recapturing the intellectual rigor it once had. The heresy of modernism has begun affecting the members of the Church by making them content with a superficial approach to and an explanation of their religion. One of the ways to combat this problem in the Church is to promote studies that draw the students into the depth and richness which Catholic thought can provide. However, none of that is possible without a deep sense of our indebtedness to tradition as well as a strong developed sense of the value of those traditions.

Sensus Fidelium

Sensus Fidelium is a website and multimedia platform intended to educate the faithful to increase their piety, knowledge, devotion, and love of the one true church in the hopes to evangelize and bring others to see the beauty or learn aspects of the religion that they may not have known before.

They have a website and are on various multimedia platforms.

Regina Prophetarum

Regina Prophetarum is a website containing many recorded sermons by Faithful Catholic Priests to teach and illuminate Catholics about the Faith. The website also provides various downloads to assist in growing in holiness and evangelising others.

Veritas Caritas

Veritas Caritas is a collection of audio sermon recordings by a traditional Catholic priest. This site is maintained by Catholic laity and shared with permission of the priest.

The priest featured in these recordings is a Catholic Priest in good standing with their local ordinaries and Rome.