Below are meditations to aid in praying the Holy Rosary in honour of the Holy Face of Jesus. The recitation of the Rosary, may be made with great consolation and benefit, if each of the fifteen mysteries, which must be meditated upon in the spirit of Saint Dominic, be said in reference to the most Holy Face of our Lord

Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary in Honour of the Holy Face

The First Joyful Mystery – The Annunciation

I adore Thee, O Jesus, who, having the divine nature, didst deign to take upon Thyself our likeness in order to conform us all to Thy semblance. Imprint more and more deeply in our souls, by a lively faith, the seal of Thy divine resemblance. 

Pardon, mercy for all unhappy pagans who are enemies of the Gospel, and rebel to the grace of Thine Incarnation.

The Second Joyful Mystery – The Visitation 

I adore Thee, O Jesus, divine sun, whose rays, though veiled, reaches him, who is one day to walk before Thy Face. May the light of Thy Face, which descended upon us at the moment of baptism, enlighten, warm, and continually vivify our souls.

Pardon, mercy for all ungrateful men who desire to efface from their foreheads the mark of a Christian; for heretics who are not blessed by Thy luminous presence in the bosom of the true Church.

The Third Joyful Mystery – The Nativity 

I adore Thee, O Jesus, little Infant laid in a crib. Thy Face, so full of graces, inspires angelic songs, and ravishes the shepherds and the Magi. All Thy features wear an expression of benignity: Apparuit benignilas. O beauty of the Holy Face, O goodness of Jesus, captivate all hearts!

Pardon, mercy for the many indifferent men who misunderstand Thy sweet attractions, who shut their hearts to the excess of Thy charily.

The Fourth Joyful Mystery – The Purification 

I adore Thee, O Jesus, presented in the Temple by the hands of Mary. Thou art the victim without spot, alone worthy of all the complaisance of the Father. May we like the holy old man Simeon, after having known and contemplated Thee with the eyes of faith, no longer cling to this world, but turn our eyes and our hearts to Thee alone.

Pardon, mercy for so many poor madmen, who are captivated and seduced by the figure of this world which passes away.

The Fifth Joyful Mystery – The Finding of Jesus in the Temple 

I adore Thee, O Jesus, found again in the temple in the midst of the Doctors. How beautiful was the ray of divine light, emanating from Thy august Face upon those who listened to Thee! Make that wisdom, which Thou earnest to bring down upon earth, and which Thou hast placed within the reach of all, shine upon us.

Pardon, mercy for the voluntarily blind who obstinately refuse Thy light, and for the victims of an education without God.

Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary in Honour of the Holy Face

The First Sorrowful Mystery – The Agony in the Garden 

Hail, adorable Face of my Saviour, bowed to the earth under the weight of the sins of the world which cover Thee with confusion. Take away from us all human respect, all culpable shame.

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Face of Thy Son, covered with the sweat of agony, obscured by the shades of death; may Thy justice be appeased at the sight of so affecting a spectacle; mayest Thou have mercy on our country in spile of all the crimes that are committed against Thee therein.

The Second Sorrowful Mystery – The Flagellation 

Hail, adorable Face of my Saviour, disfigured by the scourges of the executioners filled with fury against their innocent victim. Repair the injuries inflicted upon my soul by sin, which, as a hideous leprosy, disfigures and withers it.

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the bleeding Face of Thy Son in reparation for the innumerable, abominable sins, which imprint their shameful marks even upon the face of men.

The Third Sorrowful Mystery – The Crowing with Thorns 

Hail, adorable Face Of my Saviour, ignominiously blindfolded, covered with spittle, crowned with thorns, wounded with blows. Efface from amongst us every trace of that devastating scourge, the impious and satanic pride of our epoch.

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Face of Thy Son which has become unrecognizable. Spare us, and our nation which has committed so many blasphemies, so many profanations, so many audacious revolts against Thee.

The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery – The Carrying of the Cross 

Hail, adorable Face of my Saviour, miraculously impressed upon the veil of St. Veronica. May my soul bear the impress of the features of Thy humiliation, in order that it may be one day clothed with Thy glory!

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Face of Thy Son still wiped by so many faithful Veronicas, by so many reparatory souls. For the sake of these souls which are so pleasing to Thee, stay Thy chastisements, and do not hurl Thy avenging thunders upon our unhappy people.

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery – The Crucifixion 

Hail, adorable Face of my Saviour on the Cross. Before Thee the sun is veiled, the earth is moved and is covered with darkness, all the nature mourns. O features of the dying Jesus, features of crucified love, the ineffable expression of which has ravished all the saints! May you be imprinted deeply in my heart!

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Face of Thy expiring Son. Respice in Faciem Christi tui! Look on the Face of Thy Christ. May Thy bowels be moved, and may the flood of thy mercy inundate the whole earth.

The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary in Honour of the Holy Face

The First Glorious Mystery – The Resurrection 

Glory to Thee, O Lord, risen Jesus, who didst appear with radiant Face to Thy mother, to the holy women, to the assembled disciples. It is no longer Calvary with its horrors. What beauty, what splendour, what gladness!

By that glory of Thy Face, give back to our souls the beauty of which sin has deprived them; give back to them their christian characteristics.

The Second Glorious Mystery – The Ascension 

Glory to Thee, Lord Jesus, ascending to heaven, with Thy Face turned towards the shores of Thy blessed home. Thou wilt hereafter descend once more with the angry Face of the judge, and in presence of Thy Majesty, every proud head shall prostrate itself before Thee.

O sweet Face of Jesus, going to prepare a place for us, charm our eyes,raise our gaze towards Thee! We desire to belong to the generation of those who, thirsting, seek the Face of the God of Jacob.

The Third Glorious Mystery – The Descent of the Holy Ghost  

Glory to Thee, Lord Jesus, seated at the right hand of the Father. Thou wilt appear continually before the Face of God to plead our cause. A thousand and a thousand thanksgivings for that perpetual intercession.

After having obtained the full effusion of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles, pray to Thy Father to let the same Holy Spirit reign over us, let it brood upon the face of the great waters, upon the nations of the earth agitated, like an Ocean, by the tempests of atheism.

The Forth Glorious Mystery – The Assumption 

Glory to Thee, Lord Jesus, the new Solomon coming to meet Thy mother. How beautiful Thou art, how gracious, how full of infinite amiability in presence of the holy ark introduced by Thee into the heavenly Jerusalem amidst celestial songs!

O smiling Face of Jesus, appear to us at the hour of death, and may the horrible form of the devil disappear at Thy aspect.

The Fifth Glorious Mystery – The Crowning of the Virgin 

Glory to Thee, Lord Jesus, crowning Thy mother, and making her sit down beside Thee. The eyes of all the Blessed are fixed on Thy Face and on that of Thy mother. Those two Faces shine like two suns, and shed joy throughout the whole of Paradise.

O Jesus, O Mary, grant us the grace so greatly to be desired, the grace of graces, that of contemplating you hereafter face to face in the eternal vision of the elect.