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Mass of the Ages – Exciting Documentary – 15 August 2021

Mass of the Ages Documentary

Mass of the Ages is a documentary produced by a group of Catholics exploring the Traditional Latin Mass, formerly called the Extraordinary form. This documentary is a trilogy and the first episode will be live on the 15th of August at 8pm ET time in the USA, which is 2am on the 16th of August for South Africans.

This documentary will give Catholics the opportunity to learn more about our liturgical heritage and a deeper understanding into why so many in our time have a deep devotion to the Traditional Latin Mass. The Traditional Latin Mass, sometimes referred to as the Mass of Pius V is an ancient form of Catholic worship. According to Pope St Paul VI it dates as far back as Pope Gregory the Great. This ancient Rite is filled with deep symbolism which has developed slowly through the centuries.

This documentary will explore why lay people, Priests and Bishops have come to love the ancient usage of the Roman Rite. We strongly encourage everyone to watch Mass of the Ages.

Episode 1 Teaser