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Novena to Our Lady of Good Success 2021


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First Day of the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

Begin each day of the Novena with the opening prayers

Prayers for the first day of the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

Consider how great and incomparable are the wonders of God Omnipotent, manifesting the treasures of His Mercy in favor of those He redeemed. Therefore, if we admire the excesses of His Goodness in the many benefits with which he has enriched us, how much more should we marvel at and be filled with gratitude for the greatest blessing of His Right Hand, that most excellent and privileged creature, Mary most holy, whom He gave us for our consolation, especially for those who serve and love Him with all their hearts, and inspired the diverse titles and invocations that honor her. Through these devotions, we receive great favors by means of her succor and protection. This has been the experience of true devotees of the Mother of God, and especially of those who have recourse to her by means of the marvelous Statue of Good Success, which is placed in the Church of the Royal Hospital in the City of Madrid, miraculous from the beginning in the special and unexpected way that this Treasure was found in the wilderness. As God said to the Prophet Isaiah, He would seek out those who had not come seeking for Him, and would set aside those who had not believed in His goodness and largesse. Thus also did the Most High made clear His Will that His Holy Mother be honored and venerated under the avocation of Good Success.

Prayer for the First Day

O Lord of infinite goodness, by the miraculous making of this image of Mary Most Holy, Thou hath given us a powerful intercessor to whom we might have recourse with total confidence in her amiable protection in our necessity. Grant us the assistance that we are asking with fervor and confidence so that we might know, honor and serve the Blessed Virgin, and so that, by her intercession, we may achieve on this earth our sanctification and afterwards, be happy with her in Heaven.

Now pray the concluding prayers of the Novena

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