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Novena to Our Lady of Good Success 2021


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Eighth Day of the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

Begin each day of the Novena with the opening prayers

Prayers for the eighth day of the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

Consider that the Holy Virgin, on appearing to the sister, did not desire to favor her alone with a single transitory grace, for God does not bestow His special gifts except with the providential plan of increasing the piety, stimulating the moral progress, and improving the religious discipline of all the members of a community, a country, or the whole Church. For this reason Mary Most Holy of Good Success told the Conceptionist sister, “It is the Will of God that I command you to have a statue made that would represent this apparition in all its details, so that it might be placed in the choir where all the religious pray directly above the Abbess’ chair, so that they might consider this memorable Statue as their principal Abbess.” Thus would this Statue stimulate perpetual gratitude, special attentiveness in prayer, perfect obedience, a firm faith, a confident hope, and an ardent love for Mary Most Holy who thus offered herself to preside over and govern this Convent.
Ah, if we had a living faith! With what veneration and respect would we place ourselves before that Statue! How keenly we would recall her apparition so full of goodness and her promises and favors! How confident would we be in our supplications, how attentive in our prayers, how fervent in our devotions, how spontaneous in our obedience, how regular in our observance of the Commandments and the duties of our state of life!
Enliven, O my soul, your faith and if you are lacking in it, ask God and Mary of Good Success to grant it to you. Thus, by taking advantage of the special gift and singular privilege of having Mary of Good Success as our intercessor, we may not be responsible for a disdain or lack of appreciation for the gift that Providence has given us to increase our piety and encourage us in the practice of the virtues of faith, confidence, charity, obedience, and the fulfillment of all our duties and obligations.

Prayer for the Eighth Day

O God, loving guardian of pious persons, families, and Communities, Who in Thy Providence doth guard and protect them because of their attention to prayer and fulfillment of their duties of life, hear now our prayers. Be attentive to our cries, inflame the light of our faith in Thy powerful protection, so that we fear not our enemies. For if Thou doth assist us, nothing can harm us. G r ant us unlimited confidence in Mary Most Holy of Good Success and the grace of obedience to and observance of our Rule (or to the fulfillment of the duties of our particular state of life), so that we might be worthy of a Mother so holy and a Protectress so powerful. May we always be Thy grateful and docile subjects so that one day we may sing with glory Thy praises in Heaven, Thou Who hath favored Mary as Daughter, Mother and Spouse of the Most Holy Trinity, the one God who lives forever and ever.

Now pray the concluding prayers of the Novena

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